vineri, 29 ianuarie 2010

Out of office

Nu că m-ar fi plesnit inspiraţia prea mult în ultima vreme, dar iaca a venit moment pentru pauză. O săptămână sper frumoasă, în frumosul Amsterdam...

La mailul de birou mi-am activat iar "out of office"-ul. Ca întotdeauna, sună aşa (e pe bune, chiar îl am):

Oops. This is the 404 error message "page not found" for emails. It means I am out for a while, with limited access to email. If urgent issues you can try contacting me by mobile if you have it, or you can address to my colleague [...] who has it. Or see ya on 5th.

Thank you,


Your message has been added to a queuing system. You are currently in 1322nd place, and pls expect to receive a reply in approximately 20 weeks.

I was kidding. Actually, you are in the 735th place and you'll receive a reply in max 4 weeks.

Think green. Or pink. Or purple. Not blue, though.
And think twice before sending any email.

V-am pupat.

Nu crede in miracole. Bazeaza-te pe ele.
Digital Elf loves ya all

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