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German for the beginners

German for the beginners

As most of you know German is pretty easy. The person who knows a bit of latin and tenses is used to koniugazion, and memorizes it without any problems. This is, after all, what claim most of the teachers after the very first lesson. Then all the der, des, den,dem, die, starts and we hear that everything is logical so.. it's easy.
At the beggining we buy a beautiful class book, like those printed in Dortmund and tells us about customs of Hottentotten tribe. The book says that cangaroos (Beutelratten) are chased and kept in cages (Koffer) with plait (Lattengitter) to keep an eye on them. The gases are called "cages from a plait" (Lattengitterkoffer) and if it contains a cangaroo it is called Beutelrattenlattengitterkoffer.

Once upon a time, Hottentotten stop a killer Attentater, who is thought to be a killer of his mother Mutter from hottentotten (Hottentottenmutter), a mother of a fool (Stottertrottel). This mother in German is called: HottentottenStottertrottelMutter and her killer is called HottentottenStottertrottelMutterAttentater.

The police catches the killer and puts him in a cangaroo cage (Beutelrattenlattengitterkoffer), but he escapes. So the searching starts. The knight from the tribe runs up to the leader and says:
- I caught the killer! (Attentatter)
- Yes? Which one? - the leader asks.
- BeutelrattenlattengitterkofferAttentatter - replies the knight.
- What?! The killer who is in a cage for cangaroos from the plait?
- Yes sir. the HottentottenStottertrottelMutterAttentater (killer of a hottentoten mother of a foolish son).
- Ahhh yes, of course, naturlich! you should say it at the beginning that you caught the HottentottenStottertrottelMutterBeutelrattenlattengitterkofferAttentatter.

Luată de pe net, evident.

Nu crede in miracole. Bazeaza-te pe ele.
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