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Frustrarea de a fi american

Citită azi pe un forum audio-video:

Mark40 (newbie):
.... So my question is: Is there something I can buy that will convert ....?

drchips (senior member):
You could probably make use of one of the following ....

Mark40 (newbie):
Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for! However, that website only lists dealers in Europe. I'm in the USA. Since I'm in the USA, my TV is NTSC, but these devices are made for Europe, which uses PAL ....

drchips (senior member):
How very frustrating for you having to live in the USA, where everything is so restrictive - no access to cool products, no access to multistandard video/DVD etc, no high-quality video interconnects (SCART/PERITEL etc)... et. etc. etc.!!

Well then, you can buy cool stuff from Europe (bigger & more innovative market than the US) OVER THE INTERNET as we Europeans have things called e-retailers (I am led to believe that such things exist in the less-backward areas of the US, but that may only be a rumour)...

Only joking !LOL!

Much of the above is true, though..

So, from TRUST's website:
if you select "where to buy"
top right you will see "webshops"
you will notice that STAPLES has stores in Germany & Portugal that sell the stuff

If they are not interested in helping you (why would they, a US company, not want a US customer to have access to products they sell outside the US??), you might try some of the UK suppliers, at least one of them will be happy to ship to the US.

On to the Product...

product code 12737 (TELEVIEWER 1610 RC)
click on "Technical Specifications"
you will see:
Supports PAL and NTSC video system
Outlets for RGB, S-video and composite video

That one will do all that you require...

Now, I am NOT being pissy, but all the above was from TRUST's Website (plus a little bit of thought).

Hope this helps...

Nu cred, drchips, that it helps. Chiar nu cred. Omul e din State, pentru numele lui Dumnezeu!

Nu crede in miracole. Bazeaza-te pe ele.
Digital Elf loves ya all

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